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 Since 2007 TS Global has specialised in the manufacture of a comprehensive range of high quality conveyor accessories and polyurethane components. Our Engineering and manufacturing expertise delivers world-class conveyor solutions that are built to withstand the harshest conditions. Our focus is on high performance, low maintenance products to ensure we deliver our clients cost effective solutions.




LATEST NEWS -First TS Global Cleaners Installed in the USA

TS Global has recently expanded its footprint into the US market in conjunction with its licensed manufacturer BAM Conveyors. At the Rayonier Jesup Plant in Georgia, USA ICBS Richmond Branch has just installed the first TS Global conveyor cleaners. “This is an exciting opportunity for TS Global to expand into international markets and we look forward to continued growth in the USA” said Graham Holford, General Manager, TS Global.

The first installation of a TS Global cleaner in the US marks the next step of TS Global’s goal of expanding into international markets by developing successful relationships with licensed manufacturers overseas. “This is a fantastic opportunity for us to partner alongside a great company with a quality offering now being made available in the US,” said Ray Borup, President, BAM Conveyors.