Welcome to TS Global

For over 20 years, TS Global has specialised in manufacturing a comprehensive range of high-quality conveyor accessories and polyurethane components. Our Engineering and manufacturing expertise delivers world-class conveyor solutions built to withstand the harshest conditions. Our focus is on high-performance, low-maintenance products to ensure we provide our clients with cost-effective solutions.

Are you tired of struggling with pulley replacements? Are you concerned about the safety of your personnel while conducting this maintenance task? TS Global has a solution for you!

Introducing our range of pulley lifting beams, designed to make pulley replacements easier, safer, and more efficient than ever before. Our lifting beams come in three different sizes: Small, Medium, and Large, with weight limits of 4.5T, 7T, and 12T respectively. So no matter what the size of your pulley is, we have a solution to suit your needs.

Our pulley lifting beams are fully adjustable, with a telescoping body that can be tailored to fit varying face widths. We've also included an adjustable front hook to secure the beam to the pulley, along with rated safety chains to ensure the safety of your personnel during the task. With these features, you can have peace of mind that your team is out of harm's way while completing the job.

Our pulley lifting beam can be used on all pulley variants, including live shaft and dead shaft, as well as on pulleys with an unbalanced load. The beam also features a multi-hole rail along the top that can be adjusted to maintain the center of gravity.

With our pulley lifting beam, you can say goodbye to the need for mechanical aids that are typically required for pulley replacement tasks. Our product makes the task simpler and safer than ever before.

If you're interested in learning more about our pulley lifting beam and how it can benefit your business, contact us at 1300 418 298. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you make pulley replacements easier and safer for your team!